Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at SG Energy

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work at SG Energy

SG | Energy Solutions and its predecessor company, SG Construction Group, collectively referred to as (“SG”), have been working with commercial, industrial, utility, and automotive clients since 2010. SG has a diverse workforce that provides installation & upgrade support for OEMs around the world.

Due to SG Energy working in diverse locations and with many clients, all employees must be trained and put into safe situations that enable success. That is why Maher Baz, Senior Project Manager at SG Energy, states, “My job is to be the face of the company, talk with the client and get an understanding of their needs.” From there, Baz mobilizes the proper SG Energy Team to accomplish the task at hand in an organized and safe manner. The #1 priority is always safety for the team and the customer.

The SG team provides readiness not only in the United States but countries all over the world. SG Energy is a company that can quickly expand or contract resources based on the customer’s needs. Another reason why it’s so important is to have a ready and trained team. With customers worldwide, you need a trusted team to handle your needs, big or small. That is where SG Energy comes in.

SG routinely performs Turbine Cardiograms (TKGTM) for various utility companies and turbine manufacturers around the globe. Like an echocardiogram (EKG) that uses sound waves and other technology to produce images of your heart to identify heart disease, TKGTM technology allows our clients to monitor and diagnose the inner workings of their turbine(s). Depending on what information our clients need, we extract data from the turbine that ultimately allows for more efficient and longer turbine life expectancy.

Senior Project Manager Bryan Smith manages these projects for SG Energy and mobilizes the specific SG Energy Team when necessary. Specifically, Smith states that the SG Energy team performs “power generation management, upgrades, and migrations for specific projects within the company.” Each job is a top-down approach and requires an understanding of the task at hand before a team is mobilized. Every partner to SG Energy can trust that each employee is trained for the task at hand. Proper training enables safety, and with proper safety, we can complete the given task while keeping our customers satisfied.

Here at SG Energy Solutions, we always prioritize the importance of teamwork and assisting one another. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that we provide all of our partners with the utmost preparation, execution, and professionalism.

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