SG Energy Solutions Teammate Spotlight: Anthony Davis

SG Energy Solutions Teammate Spotlight: Anthony Davis

SG Energy Solutions is constantly committed to providing the industry-best service at every single project site we step foot on. As many of you know, we specialize in the utility and power industry and provide a suite of services such as:

  • Installation resources
  • Fleet management
  • IT services
  • Project management
  • Logistics support

Our team members are highly trained in the power industry and we’re on a constant mission to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, receiving feedback is always a huge priority for us. We take great pride in reviewing any and all feedback we receive and using this feedback to continue to enhance all of our service offerings.

In this specific case, we are thrilled to recognize one of our hard-working team members, Anthony Davis!

SG Energy Solutions recently completed a project in Orlando, Florida regarding the KUA Cane Island Baker Hughes LCI and EX DFE upgrades. We are very thankful to Isaac Koch, Excitation Controls Engineer for Baker Hughes, who shared the following feedback about Anthony:

“During this outage, we upgraded 1 LCI and 2 EXs. Our lead FE experienced a back injury and was limited in mobility and what he could lift. He also had to leave the site for 2 days to go get his back checked out. Because of this, Anthony had to work on his own for one of the EX upgrades. He did a great job following instructions and using the knowledge he learned from previous jobs to be self-sufficient when our FE was off-site. Anthony was also able to help me with the LCI upgrade when I needed an extra hand.

He went above and beyond by staying long days on the tail end while we were trying to get the units commissioned. It was great to work with Anthony and I look forward to having him on more jobs in the future.”

We are extremely proud of Anthony, and our entire SG Energy Solutions team who worked on this project! Each and every one of our team members is committed to providing the best possible service, expertise, and work ethic on a daily basis.

About SG Energy Solutions:

Founded as SG Construction Group, LLC (“SG”) in 2000, SG has evolved to include several affiliated companies that all have one goal in mind: To solve complex problems for clients around the globe. SG Energy Solutions specializes in the utility and power industries. We provide installation resources, fleet management, IT services, project management, and logistics support for a select group of niche clients. Our customer base includes multinational corporations with industrial and utility facilities around the globe.

Our company philosophy is “Ready. Set. Go.” This means our team is always ready, equipped with a complete understanding of systems and project scope, and prepared to mobilize anywhere in the U.S. within 24-48 hours and 72 hours globally. We pride ourselves on our deep industry expertise and high-powered attitude, in addition to consistently delivering a safe and quality product for our clients.

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