A Trusted Engineering Resource

Our team has over 25 years of specialized industry experience.

Our experience includes Thermal (gas and steam turbine) Hydro (including pump storage) driven generators (and motors) made by General Electric, Westinghouse, ASEA, BBC, Siemens, and Brush.

We have deep expertise in electrical testing, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting, protective relays, stator and rotor repairs plus unit alignment, vibration analysis, and balancing.

We have a working knowledge of generation equipment history spanning the last 40 years, and we have worked in every type of plant and generator.

Some additional information for our Engineering Services include:

  • Electrical and I&C Engineering
  • Digital Plant Transformations
  • System Integration
  • Field Support & Testing
  • Project Management
  • Network Architect Planning
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessments