Celebrating Our Stellar Teammates at SG Energy Solutions: Columbia Project Site

Celebrating Our Stellar Teammates at SG Energy Solutions: Columbia Project Site

At SG Energy Solutions, we believe that the success of our projects rests firmly on the shoulders of our exceptional team members. As we near the completion of another successful venture at our Columbia site, we are proud to recognize and express our deepest appreciation for the outstanding individuals who have made it all possible. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit have set a new standard of excellence within our organization. Join us as we celebrate the achievements and contributions of our remarkable teammates.

Jake Telep: A Foreman Extraordinaire

One of the key figures who deserve our utmost gratitude is Jake Telep, the exceptional foreman who oversaw the tubers’ operations. Facing challenges head-on, Jake tirelessly worked through fabrication issues and skillfully coordinated workflow amidst multiple contractors vying for the same workspace. His invaluable experience has proven to be a true asset to our team. We eagerly anticipate a long and prosperous partnership between SG Energy Solutions and Jake. Thank you, Jake, for your remarkable contributions!

Jermery Johnson: Leading with Excellence

Within our electrical division, we discovered a true standout in Jermery Johnson. Possessing exemplary leadership qualities, Jermery consistently delivers outstanding performance. His wealth of experience equips him to handle any task confidently, earning him well-deserved praise from colleagues and clients. Jermery, your efforts are greatly appreciated, and we eagerly look forward to collaborating with you on future projects.

Eric Bender: The Power of Growth

Eric Bender may have had limited experience, but he has proven invaluable to our team. Eric demonstrated that dedication and commitment could overcome obstacles by diligently heeding advice and preparing to the best of his abilities. With the passage of time and a few more years working with SG Energy Solutions, Eric has the potential to become a remarkable leader. Thank you, Eric, for your remarkable dedication and contribution.

Jason Mitchell and Demetrious Lomax: Lighting the Way

Sometimes, the brightest stars find their way to us unexpectedly. Such is the case with Jason Mitchell and Demetrious Lomax, two outstanding electricians who joined our team after working on other outages. Their exceptional skills and patient approach were tested during a challenging DLN upgrade. Their ability to lead and overcome obstacles has left an indelible impression on our organization. To support their future endeavors, we are developing a step-by-step SOP to ensure their continued success. Jason and Demetrius, you are a true asset to our team, and we are immensely grateful for your contributions.

Lessons Learned: Planning for Success

Reflecting on the Columbia site project, we recognize the lessons learned. This outage has provided us with insights that will enable us to plan our manpower more effectively and efficiently in collaboration with Fieldcore. By embracing these lessons, we can confidently tackle any challenges during future projects.

As the Columbia site project nears its completion, we take great pride in the accomplishments of our extraordinary teammates at SG Energy Solutions. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in our success. We sincerely appreciate Jake Telep, Jermery Johnson, Eric Bender, Jason Mitchell, Demetrious Lomax, and the entire team for their outstanding contributions. We have set new standards for excellence and teamwork within our organization. With such exceptional individuals by our side, we eagerly anticipate even greater achievements in the future.

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