We are proud to be a company of dreamers and builders — and those dreams hinge on the idea that the safety, security and well-being of our fellow man are our greatest responsibilities. By putting safety first, SG projects are efficient and safe for our staff and yours.

A History of Safe Practice

SG Energy has a comprehensive safety program. From formalizing safety requirements to instituting mandatory training, our contributions to the field has made SG | Energy synonymous with safety.

SG Energy offers on-site safety training courses. These hands-on courses supplement our corporate training program and help to emphasize safety practices and hazards specific to each job site.


SG Energy Safety Performance


SG’s strong safety performance is the result of commited leadership and dedicated team members focused on achieving a common goal — zero incidents.



SG | Energy employees proudly devote their time, resources and effort to numerous causes in the communities where we live and work.


We embrace the responsibility to preserve our natural surroundings as an integral part of our mission to build the extraordinary.